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I use my camera to carefully record those memories that will stand out in your mind forever. As a female photographer, a romantic, a wife and a mother, I too savor those precious moments life brings our way. They pass by so quickly! I consider it an honor and a privilege to share with a couple their most special day. My style is soft, current, romantic, and classic. I try to capture each couple’s uniqueness as they share the joy, the excitement, and the sacredness of their day.

k a t  h l e e n

This is my very talented, creative stylist and assistant.  We haved been blessed to work together for many amazing weddings.  The minute we arrive on the wedding day Kathleen & I begin to arrange the brides wedding dress, shoes, flowers and special things in a unique, artistic way and I anxiously pick up my camera and the wonderful day begins.  We work together to create this beautful imagery to set the tone for the fabulous wedding day that follows.  My husband jokes that we are like "synchronized swimmers"...we have similar tastes, think alike and move quickly...she is the perfect compliment to me!  My brides love Kathleen too as she helps make sure they are camera ready...assisting with their veil, hair, lipstick...whatever they need throughout the day.  She may have a camera or a comb in her hand as she is quite handy with both.  I am grateful aways for her help and smile...and did I mention she's my sister too!

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